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This Is Love Calling Earth...
...Do You Know How Much It Hurts
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8th-Mar-2009 02:14 pm - Over and Out...almost
Nino Camera

I'm one final interview from getting the hell out of this crumbling city and I've never been happier.  The city is crumblingggggg and I've watched my current boss go through psychotic like breakdowns over the last week because the economy is finally catching up to everyone. When a friend from college is currently interviewing an applicant with ten years of experience and an MA from Harvard for a unpaid summer position...something has gone horribly wrong in the system.

God speed up and coming NYU grads. You're gonna need it. You're REALLY gonna need it.

3rd-Feb-2009 12:01 am - Fangirling made easy.
Sho Fishing

Even I have my moments of extreme fangirling. T-minus three days until a day filled with Sakurai stalking commences with the younger sister.

In other news I just spent what some people use in a month for rent on thermal reconditioning my hair. I shall never have to straighten or worry about rain again. Huzzah! God bless you Yuko straightening.

17th-Jan-2009 08:26 pm - Doushiyou
Jun Food

I just did the match and I'm going to make about 4,000 less then my original quoted salary. Understandably we are all having a hard time. But the figure is just like a slap in the face for someone whose doing a job of two people and whose working in a city she has come to hate. So now I come down to leaving in a month or two and looking for jobs at universities that normally want one more year of experience then I have (3 vs the 2 I have) and in the areas I actually want to live in. I love you Philly and Princeton area where I grew up. OR I can stick it out and live in almost squalor because I've already decided to move out of the city into an apartment with a friend. A nice cute cute place with high ceilings, big rooms, a balcony, and a puppy named Momo (Well to be honest Momo doesn't really exist yet).

Even if it fixes itself I still think I may have to blow the popsicle stand earlier then the original year I had planned for. I'm too young to push the things I love aside in favor of climbing up the NYC social ladder I'm not interested in. The economy is oh so horrible though. I need to beat the rush of new grads if I can. I have a level of allegiance to the new job though. They're good people, but...we all have to take of ourselves in the end...right?


Jun Food

- I got to eat unagi
- I lost my debit card
- Had my favorite lattes in the entire world
- Bitched about NYU and Sexton
- Realized that we will never not hate Stern
- Got a call that J found an old band pin for the band
my old boss used to be in. He's gonna die when
I give it to him

Emmm Princeton. You're calm streets feel like childhood and the actually charming demeanor of the townspeople makes me glad I wasn't born a New Yorker. To wade in a fountain in the summer. To pick apples and have fresh cider in the fall. To drink fresh green tea in the winter from the prodigy chemist who now owns the holistic center. And to watch the trees bloom bloom bloom in the spring.

I'm so glad I'm not in the city this New Years. I feel like I can actually breathe for once.

Come Jan 6 it's back to Union Square...bahhhhh adult jobs.
29th-Dec-2008 11:23 pm - Emmm Alex
Jun Food

Watch me when the Tokyo lights glow in the street
Something turns me on and makes me want to scream
Wanna hug you, rub you up and down to your feet
I let myself looser after 12AM
That's when I change
That's when I change
That's when I change
I know you'll love me after 12AM
5th-Dec-2008 03:05 pm - Daijoubu
Jun Food

18th-Nov-2008 12:54 am - Ugh...a three year plan...
Jun Food
My two year plan may have stumbled into a three year plan...which kind of infuriates me. Anyway, it's pretty sad that I dwell on this fact already, but here it is plain and simple kids...YOU NEED A PLAN. It's like you can't let a moment go to waist after you graduate. ESPECIALLY, if you want to pursue any form of higher education. And even more so if you're someone like me who realized about 3/4 through your major that you hate it and prefer your minors more. It's a pretty shitty  wakeup call to realize that you somehow wasted $160,000 + in school fees on a major you grew to hate nor ever want to really use. Plus, those two shitty Cs you got in your major sophmore year may come back to haunt you (Psych departmennttttttt).

Moving On:

- I have a strong GPA. I'm not stellar like I was in high school (I won at life in high school). I have some shitty grades in there (by shitty i mean Cs) not devastating, but I still hate that they are on there. My minors on the other hand are stellar. A's everywhere. Plus...it really doesn't hurt that I went to NYU. I may not have a 3.8, but I have a 3.5 from a tier one school that I worked my ass off to get in to.

- I have a nice work resume...it's true. I have a stellar internship and a strong first job title/ salary. Something I'm extremely lucky to get nowadays. I'm blessed in this area.

- Not staying in NYC means on thing.....$$$$$$$ to save up and store away for tuition. I'll probably be walking part-time for the school as well, but I know there are gonna be some hidden fees somewhere.

- My entire literature library currently consists of books that gear towards my eventual thesis...I know...It's kind of freakishly driven that I have already started my research, but I've never been one to dick around when I have a goal.

- Plus, I speak the language...kinda...it's still pretty shabby so I need to brush up on it. EXCEPT....I can't read DICK. I have my crazy little ring of asian note cards with Japanese lettering spelled out for me to study. I get to look at them on the train to work like a high schooler preparing for cram class. The good news is that I have three years to actually learn kanji properly. Plus, my sister speaks everything better then me and when I can eventually reach her level it's a major goal. I had to buy a elementary level book at Kinokuniya this weekend and I wanted to tell the cashier I'm sorry for my shame.

- I'll basically be volunteering my ass off for the next three years at organizations on the weekends. I'm probably gonna pass out from exhaustion, but those things give me letters of reference in the area I desperately lack. Asian American FIlm Festival here I come. NYU is a fuckin machine, huge classes, huge student body, everyone is a number and I have about one or two references that I can probably rely on....but who knows in three years. I basically need to send out an email every 6 months going 'OMG WANNA GET TEA...and by tea I mean remember me for the future.'

- Three years is sooooooo far away. I don't know if I can do marketing for three years. I'm gonna try and swing it to work for my major, but yeahhhhh. GAHHHHHHHHHH. I'm gonna try and jump start everything to somehow shrink down everything to two years. I've already cut out my lunch costs, by making my own onigiri. I'm gonna get so sick of seaweed at some point though.

- I thought of Princeton as my goal...LIES. I now need to work harder to try and get into UPenn. It's a place that actually has a well developed East Asian Studies department unlike Princeton which seems to only focus on history. Since I'm looking primarily on Japan's current modern state with a focus on the cyclical nature of the soft power between the east and the west. I got pretty sad when I realized the book Full Metal Apache was basically doing exactly what I wanted to say. Yet, I was also excited that the book even existed.

- All of this doesn't even begin to account for the money I'll need to go over to Japan and actually carry out graduate/ post graduate field studies....UGH! Everything requires MONEY!

I really need to go to sleep to get up for work tomorrow...I wish I coud fast forward time...and collect money while doing so.
Jun Food
I become easily infatuated with people who are capable of making amazing beats. Diplo is one of those people. The current reigning king is Capsule's Nakata though. First Game and then this masterpiece. COME PLAY NEW YORK! For the love of god we lack this so badly here.

11th-Nov-2008 12:33 pm - As the entire world crumbles...
Jun Food
I graduated college from NYU this past spring and I have spent the last few months watching friends, as well as myself, go through the hellish process of job hunting in this shithole economy. Jobs are being cut and those that leave on their own accord don't have their positions filled. There are more and more overqualified people pouring into the service industry every day that there are no more jobs left in the service industry. Of my friends that actually have office jobs, like myself, we're basically all on the line come the new fiscal year in Jan/Feb. We're all the lowest man on the torem pole at this point. I watched a guy who had been at my office longer then me get asked to not return (only slightly above out right firing) and it made me horrifically uncomfortable because it probably should have been me.

Too many good people have their job on the line. A lot of people who have massive amounts of debts taking jobs that are low paying  just to make ends meet. One who claims now that she was laid off when in reality she told the company she quit to save a girl who just lost hr father and whose mother was ust diagnosed with breast cancer.

And god bless you class of '09. '08 took all of the jobs that were left and then we poured into the service industry when we came up short. I worry that my friends younger then me are going to come out and not be able to find anything. One whose already suffered massive panic attacks when she realizes how much debt her family has to afford to send her to a school that charges too much and gives too little back.

This is what I say kids: Move home, save up, work what you can and then hopefully in two years or so everything will be somewhat sound again. NYC is rotting away at its core, and nowhere is above feeling this recession at this point.

I get to call citibank abount my students loans today, I'm a little under $20,000 in debt (I'm actually amazed I don't have more). God bless my parents. I just know its about time to take about two years to myself. Get out of the city, work my ass off, polish my Japanese, work out a lot and get back in to shape, and then go back to grad school to hopefully ride out 3 - 4 years.

Please for the love of god UPenn or Princeton pay for my grad school! I'll even work for you!

Ugh, this entire world is crumbling.

A few weeks ago I was wandering around Princeton, freezing, watching Princeton lose in a football game to Brown. Long story short Princeton is at the level of a sub-par high school football team. Seriously...they're smart...but smart kids are never known for their athletics normally. I mean I went to NYU, we're smart kids whose males failed at sports (our girls were pretty kick ass). So anyway, wandering, drinking coffee, going back to my area to eat lettuce wraps and drink lychee martinis. Went on a hayride at the local farm that I grew up going to. You know giant fields lots of people roasting marshmellows and freezing. Well before I got to the food, the drinks, and the hayride. I was running around to try and find out if I had missed the date for Planet Bboy's DVD release. I neglected to look online, well because I can be a tad slow at times. So here I am running around Saturday night for one main reason. God bless my friend.

Now...a mere 20 minutes away Planet Bboy is airing at the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival with Benson Lee attending to do a Q&A. I fail...I just fail. I missed him speak at the New York Premiere and I somehow managed to miss him a second time around. After I spent the week prior going on a drunken rant about the globalization and ongoing flow between the east and west with a friend's friend.

In other news....I'M SEEING EXTREME CREW! Ahhhhhhh. *runs around like a maniaz*. Ballerina Who Loves B-Boy is finally doing an off broadway run until Dec. I almost broke into tears I was so happy when I heard about this. it's gonna be full of bad music, no plot...and I am going to weep with joy through the whole thing. Now...I just have to wait for Gamblerz to do their shitty movie for me to stalk their ass.

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