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This Is Love Calling Earth...
...Do You Know How Much It Hurts
Infinity Unleashed 
10th-Apr-2009 10:59 pm

"One koma inu always has a mouth that is open, the other has a mouth that is always closed. The open-mouthed lion-dog is named Ah, the other is named Un, or more properly, nn. "Ah" is the first sound you make when you are born, "nn" the last sound you make when you die. "Ah" is the breath inhaled that begins life, "nn" the exhale of release, the breath that allows life to escape. Between the two lies all of existence, a universe that turns on a single breath. Ah is also the first symbol in the Japanese alphabet, n the last. And so, between these two lion-dogs, you have have the A and Z, the Alpha and Omega. In the original Sanskrit, ah-un means "the end and the beginning of the universe; infinity unleashed."

- Will Ferguson "Hitching Rides with Buddha.
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