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This Is Love Calling Earth...
...Do You Know How Much It Hurts
17th-Jan-2009 08:26 pm
Jun Food

I just did the match and I'm going to make about 4,000 less then my original quoted salary. Understandably we are all having a hard time. But the figure is just like a slap in the face for someone whose doing a job of two people and whose working in a city she has come to hate. So now I come down to leaving in a month or two and looking for jobs at universities that normally want one more year of experience then I have (3 vs the 2 I have) and in the areas I actually want to live in. I love you Philly and Princeton area where I grew up. OR I can stick it out and live in almost squalor because I've already decided to move out of the city into an apartment with a friend. A nice cute cute place with high ceilings, big rooms, a balcony, and a puppy named Momo (Well to be honest Momo doesn't really exist yet).

Even if it fixes itself I still think I may have to blow the popsicle stand earlier then the original year I had planned for. I'm too young to push the things I love aside in favor of climbing up the NYC social ladder I'm not interested in. The economy is oh so horrible though. I need to beat the rush of new grads if I can. I have a level of allegiance to the new job though. They're good people, but...we all have to take of ourselves in the end...right?


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