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This Is Love Calling Earth...
...Do You Know How Much It Hurts
Ugh...a three year plan... 
18th-Nov-2008 12:54 am
Jun Food
My two year plan may have stumbled into a three year plan...which kind of infuriates me. Anyway, it's pretty sad that I dwell on this fact already, but here it is plain and simple kids...YOU NEED A PLAN. It's like you can't let a moment go to waist after you graduate. ESPECIALLY, if you want to pursue any form of higher education. And even more so if you're someone like me who realized about 3/4 through your major that you hate it and prefer your minors more. It's a pretty shitty  wakeup call to realize that you somehow wasted $160,000 + in school fees on a major you grew to hate nor ever want to really use. Plus, those two shitty Cs you got in your major sophmore year may come back to haunt you (Psych departmennttttttt).

Moving On:

- I have a strong GPA. I'm not stellar like I was in high school (I won at life in high school). I have some shitty grades in there (by shitty i mean Cs) not devastating, but I still hate that they are on there. My minors on the other hand are stellar. A's everywhere. Plus...it really doesn't hurt that I went to NYU. I may not have a 3.8, but I have a 3.5 from a tier one school that I worked my ass off to get in to.

- I have a nice work resume...it's true. I have a stellar internship and a strong first job title/ salary. Something I'm extremely lucky to get nowadays. I'm blessed in this area.

- Not staying in NYC means on thing.....$$$$$$$ to save up and store away for tuition. I'll probably be walking part-time for the school as well, but I know there are gonna be some hidden fees somewhere.

- My entire literature library currently consists of books that gear towards my eventual thesis...I know...It's kind of freakishly driven that I have already started my research, but I've never been one to dick around when I have a goal.

- Plus, I speak the language...kinda...it's still pretty shabby so I need to brush up on it. EXCEPT....I can't read DICK. I have my crazy little ring of asian note cards with Japanese lettering spelled out for me to study. I get to look at them on the train to work like a high schooler preparing for cram class. The good news is that I have three years to actually learn kanji properly. Plus, my sister speaks everything better then me and when I can eventually reach her level it's a major goal. I had to buy a elementary level book at Kinokuniya this weekend and I wanted to tell the cashier I'm sorry for my shame.

- I'll basically be volunteering my ass off for the next three years at organizations on the weekends. I'm probably gonna pass out from exhaustion, but those things give me letters of reference in the area I desperately lack. Asian American FIlm Festival here I come. NYU is a fuckin machine, huge classes, huge student body, everyone is a number and I have about one or two references that I can probably rely on....but who knows in three years. I basically need to send out an email every 6 months going 'OMG WANNA GET TEA...and by tea I mean remember me for the future.'

- Three years is sooooooo far away. I don't know if I can do marketing for three years. I'm gonna try and swing it to work for my major, but yeahhhhh. GAHHHHHHHHHH. I'm gonna try and jump start everything to somehow shrink down everything to two years. I've already cut out my lunch costs, by making my own onigiri. I'm gonna get so sick of seaweed at some point though.

- I thought of Princeton as my goal...LIES. I now need to work harder to try and get into UPenn. It's a place that actually has a well developed East Asian Studies department unlike Princeton which seems to only focus on history. Since I'm looking primarily on Japan's current modern state with a focus on the cyclical nature of the soft power between the east and the west. I got pretty sad when I realized the book Full Metal Apache was basically doing exactly what I wanted to say. Yet, I was also excited that the book even existed.

- All of this doesn't even begin to account for the money I'll need to go over to Japan and actually carry out graduate/ post graduate field studies....UGH! Everything requires MONEY!

I really need to go to sleep to get up for work tomorrow...I wish I coud fast forward time...and collect money while doing so.
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