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This Is Love Calling Earth...
...Do You Know How Much It Hurts
As the entire world crumbles... 
11th-Nov-2008 12:33 pm
Jun Food
I graduated college from NYU this past spring and I have spent the last few months watching friends, as well as myself, go through the hellish process of job hunting in this shithole economy. Jobs are being cut and those that leave on their own accord don't have their positions filled. There are more and more overqualified people pouring into the service industry every day that there are no more jobs left in the service industry. Of my friends that actually have office jobs, like myself, we're basically all on the line come the new fiscal year in Jan/Feb. We're all the lowest man on the torem pole at this point. I watched a guy who had been at my office longer then me get asked to not return (only slightly above out right firing) and it made me horrifically uncomfortable because it probably should have been me.

Too many good people have their job on the line. A lot of people who have massive amounts of debts taking jobs that are low paying  just to make ends meet. One who claims now that she was laid off when in reality she told the company she quit to save a girl who just lost hr father and whose mother was ust diagnosed with breast cancer.

And god bless you class of '09. '08 took all of the jobs that were left and then we poured into the service industry when we came up short. I worry that my friends younger then me are going to come out and not be able to find anything. One whose already suffered massive panic attacks when she realizes how much debt her family has to afford to send her to a school that charges too much and gives too little back.

This is what I say kids: Move home, save up, work what you can and then hopefully in two years or so everything will be somewhat sound again. NYC is rotting away at its core, and nowhere is above feeling this recession at this point.

I get to call citibank abount my students loans today, I'm a little under $20,000 in debt (I'm actually amazed I don't have more). God bless my parents. I just know its about time to take about two years to myself. Get out of the city, work my ass off, polish my Japanese, work out a lot and get back in to shape, and then go back to grad school to hopefully ride out 3 - 4 years.

Please for the love of god UPenn or Princeton pay for my grad school! I'll even work for you!

Ugh, this entire world is crumbling.
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